November 02, 2008

Review: Belle and Sebastian's "The BBC Sessions"

I've never really gotten into Belle and Sebastian. I know it's a staple of indie rock fans, one of those basic ingredients to a healthy love of the underground. But...they just haven't done it for me. Whether it was just because I hadn't found that song which totally captured me and drew me into the world of Belle and Sebastian, or just because they didn't connect, I didn't much like them. The Delgados on the other hand...but that's for a different post.

The BBC Sessions totally changed all that though. The organic and accessible nature of these songs really drew me in. Tracks like "The State I Am In" and "Judy and the Dream of Horses" are melodically magical and charming. The simple instrumentals and dynamic vocals play well off each other, making for tracks that are addictive but subtle. That, and it doesn't get old. Play the record again, and again, and'll be ready for another go.

And really, the best part of this album is that it can draw in new fans (like me) and offers some new stuff for the tried and true Belle and Sebastian masses. Beyond just the new tracks, the new takes on old favorites are worth looking into The BBC Sessions. It fits both into Belle and Sebastian's time and 2008, into new fans' collections and old. Very, very recommended.

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